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OPTIMISE the force of gas springs on your metal-stamping dies and injection moulds using AZOLGAS connected systems.

BENEFITS of AZOLGAS connected systems:

  • Balance the force in different areas of the tool
  • Load, unload and adjust pressure
  • Control the pressure through a control panel
  • Monitor and automate response actions using sensors

EVERYTHING you need to design and assemble the AZOLGAS connected system.
EASY to find and configure the correct hoses and components depending on the type of connection port.
AZOLGAS connected systems meet all major automotive standards.
AZOLGAS connected systems for every need: compact tools, large gas flow volume, high vibration.
We HELP YOU design the connected system that best suits your application.

Our technicians suggest you the best connected system to meet your needs:

  • M8x1 - The most compact connected system for use in gas springs with an M6 charging port.
  • S12,65x1,5 - The most popular automotive standard, versatile with an easy coupling system.
  • M12x1,5 - Intended for gas springs with high volume or high gas flow requirement.
  • 7/16” - For use in standard applications only, for high vibration use 9/16”.
  • 9/16” - Recommended for high-vibration applications.

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