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Founded in 1982, AZOLGAS is the first ORIGINAL EUROPEAN manufacturer of gas springs for metal-forming tools.

AZOLGAS gas springs are widely used in metal stamping, injection moulding, custom machinery and industrial automation.

Take advantage of the BENEFITS of using AZOLGAS gas springs:

  • Greater force in a smaller space (for compact tool construction)
  • Consistent, uniform force (for long-term repeatable performance)
  • Easily adjustable force (to prevent parts from being rejected)
  • Low force increase (to improve the forming of metal parts)
  • Monitored force (to increase productivity)

Benefit from NEXT-GENERATION gas springs: safer, more reliable, innovative and cost-effective.

For each application, find the widest RANGE of standard gas springs ranging from 6 daN to 20.000 daN.

We help YOU with PRODUCT design and SELECTION by providing a fast online search tool of technical-dimensional features.


Join us and benefit from a long-term partnership